My Decision to Retire Early and Travel Full Time

I am finalizing plans to retire on August 2, 2019, and go on the road full time in my 26 ft Fleetwood Flair RV named “Flo”. My traveling companions are a motley crew of 3 cats and a dog-OMG! The amount of fur that will be traveling with us is ridiculous! But, how can I leave my two 14 year old Tabby cats, Indie and Anna that I’ve had since my husband, Ted and I adopted them at a yard sale while traveling the back roads of Indiana? Then, there is Gemini a 12 year old rescued Lab/Australian Shepard mix who is 75 lbs, I like to say he has the best and worst qualities of both breeds. I’m sure we will get kicked out of at least a few campgrounds because he likes to bark at people, dogs, birds, the wind, animals… get the picture. Last, but certainly not least, is Tumeni (pronounced Too Many), a 9 year old Tabby cat who is not afraid of anything. We found her living in the woods of a campground. Ted immediately wanted to keep her and I said, “No, we already have too many animals at home!” I guess we all know who won that argument.

What prompted me to even consider selling everything I own, retire from my work of 30 years, leave family and friends and go on this adventure at an age that many would consider to be too old to do anything but sit in a rocking chair and knit baby blankets? Well, I don’t knit and I sold my rocking chair!

I think the key word here is: ADVENTURE!!

By breaking some rules and living outside the box, I hope to live a life that is extra-ordinary! I hope to be inspired and inspiring because Life is a Journey filled with wonderful experiences that’s why I’m “Going with The Flo”

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