More of the Gang….


How does one household end up with 5 cats?

Well…. you take a trip to Indiana to visit relatives and on the way home, decide to go the back roads and stop at a yard sale in the countryside.

The 2 little barn kittens were sooooo cute! We couldn’t decide on which one was cuter; the frisky one or the shy one that didn’t have a tail- their mother was a Manx.

As we drove home with 2 kittens covered in fleas and in need of deworming we tried to think of some names. Ted always wanted to name our animals after his beloved rock and roll icons. He came up with Mick and Keith, a reference to the Rolling Stones for those of you not in the know. I said, “No, honey. They are girls.” He replied, “They won’t know.” Not being a Stones fan myself, I convinced him to think about it some more. We came up with Indie and Anna because we got them in Indiana!

Their personalities couldn’t be more different. Indie is playful, curious and a tattletale. She is very vocal when it comes to her wants and needs- catnip, a snuggle, tuna juice. She also alerts to anything going wrong- someone else getting more attention, time for bed, or not enough food in the bowl.

Anna is shy and the quintessential fraidy cat! Because she has the structure of a Manx, which is heavy in the rear and a nub for a tail, she hops similar to a bunny to get from place to place. She is not fat, she is big boned! She is sweet and loving and loves to be brushed.

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