Too Many Animals

Tumeni visits the Vet for the first time

When Ted found her in the woods surrounding our campsite, she was eating out of a rusty tuna can. He fell in love immediately with this affectionate tabby. He wanted to keep her and I told him, “NO”

That was the first day of our stay. By the time we left 4 days later, we had taken 2 stray dogs to the local shelter and were arguing over whether we should keep the kitten. I finally capitulated and told him that if she was still around when we left, he could keep her. As we were packing to leave, Ted ran into the woods and found the kitten. He told me to hold her while he finished the tie down. I reluctantly held her and she started purring and nuzzling me. I noticed her protruding belly and growing teats and said, “Well, she’s pregnant!” He said, “No she’s not!” I told him that if we took her with us and added her to the 4 cats and 3 dogs already present in our household, he would have to take her to the Vet. I wasn’t going to have any part of it!!

On the way home, we tried to come up with a name for her. Of course, he wanted to call her Mick or Jagger or Elton or any other rock and roll name he could think of. No, No, No. And No!

We came up with the name that was most descriptive of who she would be in our household- Too Many! We decided to spell it so that it would have an Italian flair to it and thus the name, Tumeni.

Tumeni is amazing. She is not afraid of anything including Gemini who lunges at her when she gets too close to me. She is very sweet and loving. She isn’t capable of meowing but lets her needs be known by vocalizing with a “Eck, Eck, Eck” sound. She loves going outside and keeping the yard free of moles and baby bunnies which she shares with me. I bought her a cat tent for outdoors just to give her some fresh air and a change of scenery. She seems to like it!

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