Finding Delight- In Pahrump!

Before we got to Pahrump, I stopped in California at the Dumont Dunes OHV recreation area. I wanted to share some gorgeous views of the dunes.

Campsite at Dumont Dunes
One of the largest Dunes
A long hike from Flo
Gemini hikes the dunes
Dunes come alive as sun sets

Now, on to the story about Pahrump……….

As is my usual habit on Sundays, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, “This American Life” produced by NPR and WBEZ in Chicago. I was surprised and delighted that the theme of show #692, was “The Show of Delights”, and prominently featured a poet from Bloomington, Indiana. Ross Gay is an award-winning poet and professor at Indiana University. His latest book, “The Book of Delights:Essays” was published in February, 2019, and is a compilation of a year’s worth of daily essays about finding delight.

I was so inspired by the podcast and Gay’s book (which I immediately purchased from Amazon) that I decided to write about my own observations of delight and share them in this blog post.

My life on the road is full of delights; from the mundane daily routines to the more incredible experiences that I have while traveling. New adventures do make the possibility of delights seem easier to find, but I propose that it is in the every day moments that we find more exquisite delightfulness.

Currently, I live in Pahrump, Nevada. I chose Pahrump partly for the name- totally cool! I am also here to get my Nevada residency because Nevada has no state income tax, insurance and health care are cheaper, the climate is warmer in the winter, and there are 216 days a year of sunshine. Today, on February 5th, I’m sitting outside in shirt sleeves delighting in said sunshine.

Me in the hot tub with Mt. Charleston glowing in the background at sunset

My days of traveling have paused for a couple months while I attend to the business of getting residency set up. I found a couple places to do free Yoga and Tai Chi, got a library card, and have enjoyed going to the hot tub here at the RV park 2-3 times a week. I forgot to mention that the RV park is next door to Pahrump Valley Winery! I’ve been riding my electric bike downtown to the grocery store, yoga classes and the DMV (which I must confess is a nightmare).

My neighbor, Martin, is a Canadian who has been very helpful as I attempt some RV maintenance and repair. I had to get up on the roof to repair the awning that I damaged somewhere along the way, and was a little anxious about being alone in case I fell off. So, I gingerly knocked on his door and asked to borrow his ladder. He kindly offered to help with the project, but I declined saying, “Just listen for a big thump and then call 911”

Ooooops! Must have hit a tree or something. This wasn’t the only spot that needed repair

After he set up the ladder and offered a few suggestions, in the polite way of a Canadian, he set up his chair outside and read a book for over an hour while I made the repairs. He didn’t have to call 911 after all!

Gemini and I walk in the desert every day with the mountains tucking us in on three sides of the valley. The Spring Mountains to the east contain the snow capped peak of Mt. Charleston which rises to almost 12,000 ft. and glows salmon at sunset. I inquired of one long time resident if she ever got tired of looking at the mountains, if she ever didn’t see them after awhile? She said, “NO! I’ve been here 20 years and I appreciate the mountains every day. They are always changing color depending on how the sun hits them”.

How delightful is that?!

Sunset in Pahrump

All of my days are full of moments of delight…..when I stop and think about it. Finding a place to do Yoga for free-delightful! Having sunshine in the winter-delightful! Walking my dog in the desert surrounded by mountain ranges- double delightful! Meeting a kind and generous Canadian to help me do repairs- greatfully delighted! Sitting in the hot tub with Mt. Charleston glowing in the sunset- overwhelmed by delight!

I’m going to start my own journal of daily delights beginning on my birthday this month. I have no expectations of the results-which is in itself, DELIGHTFUL!!

Hiking the desert with Delight
Gemini following the trail of well-place cairns

May you all find Delight every day and don’t forget to “Go with the Flo”

8 thoughts on “Finding Delight- In Pahrump!

  1. Another truly inspiring update! I think I’m going to start my own list of daily “delights”!
    I think the word “awesone” is overused, but I’m going to use it anyway to describe your dune pics. And, as a weekend RVer, the pic of your awning looks very familiar!!!!


  2. DELIGHTFUL post! Once again so inspiring. Shall begin a delight journal. Carry on, oh wild one. ❤️❤️❤️ Still doesn’t feel the same here without ya!


  3. I smiled all the while I was reading your “Delight” blog. We are leaving Florida beginning of April to head West, then we start preparing for our 2nd Alaska journey.


  4. Unbelievably gorgeous sunset. Funny how you learn about your home town being away- that little item didn’t make my daily newsfeeds! See you soon!!


  5. I can hear your voice as I read your tale of delights! I resonate with the big wide open world you have courageously And joyously stepped into! Much gratitude for YOU my friend!


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