Meet the Gang

This is Gemini. I got Gemini in 2009 when Sally and I went to a retreat at Diana’s Grove in Missouri. He was rescued from a kill shelter and taken to the Grove to be adopted. I became acquainted with him on the first day when he leaped up and stole a stick out of my hand that I was using to knock down a spider web….the game was on. He followed me everywhere that week. At night, he abandoned the other dogs in the pack and slept outside my cabin. By midweek, he was sleeping inside the cabin and of course the next day, he was sleeping in bed with me. Other campers would ask me where he was if they didn’t see him by my side. I called my husband, Ted to discuss whether we needed another dog- we had 2. Gemini came home!

Gem is an amazing boy! He loves people, swims like a fish, fetches any object thrown and can contort himself through very small spaces to get what he wants-mostly, cat food. At 75 lbs. , he once crawled through the cat gate hole that measures 8″ x 11″ to eat all the cat food and clean out the yummies in the cat box! He also steals food…… off the table, out of your hand if you are not paying attention, and once he stole a loaf of bread off the counter when my back was turned ever so slightly. I thought I was going crazy when I turned around to put the bread in the oven and it was gone! I looked into the living room, and he was just finishing the entire loaf. I hold my breath for days waiting for an object to pass when he eats something on our walks; like the bologna sandwich still in the plastic bag!

All in all, he is a good boy and faithful companion. After 10 years and many transitions in life, he is one of my touchstones to what it means to love unconditionally.

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